Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose CrossFit over a regular gym?

CrossFit works! At CrossFit Gain you get a personal training style approach with expertly designed work out programmes that deliver results.  You have access to quality functional equipment in a great social and motivational environment. Give it a try - you will be hooked!

Q: Do you have to be in great shape to do CrossFit?

In a word; no!  This is a common misunderstanding. Every workout and exercise can be adapted to your own personal abilities even if you have never worked out before.  Our coaches invest time in you from the very beginning; no matter where you start you will improve. CrossFit Gain is for everyone!  

Q: I have an injury - can I still do CrossFit?

Yes - absolutely.  Our highly trained coaches will work with you to scale and adapt the workouts to help your injury or lack of mobility.  Performed correctly CrossFit can help to strengthen the muscles around these areas and improve movement in daily life.

Q: Will I get too bulky?

This is another common concern for new members.  CrossFit is not a body building programme it is a strength and conditioning programme.  The result will be a leaner, fitter, more toned version of yourself! 

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