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I am one of the newest members of Cross Fit Gain joining 6 months ago after just only one trial session. It quickly became clear to me this is the place to be and I wanted part of it from the offset, because Tom shared the same vision and passion as me to succeed, with his knowledge, experience and team of coaches.


After the first week at Gains I realised the community Tom has built in Norwich believes it is as important if not more that the team succeeds as well as the individual, with goals being smashed on a daily, weekly basis, inspiring me even more.

The coaches have help me achieve gains I never thought was possible with my Olympic lifting in such a short period of time, bearing in mind I have been training for 10 plus years, trying many methods and programs.

To sum it up Gains is exactly what is says on the tin and I am benefiting from this every day. If you want fun, and to meet some great people along the way whilst exercising in Norwich I would recommend you visit.

Ian M

Crossfit GAIN the one and only place to work out!!!!

Ian M

Little bit about me:

Been working out for about ten years (you wouldn’t know to look at me though) I got stuck doing the same routine with minimal effort and getting disappointed at not seeing any results.

Saw an advert for Les Mills tried all the classes Combat, CX works and Body pump but soon felt disheartened putting the effort in with no results, I’ve got 3 children and seeing them every day getting bigger, stronger, faster and knowing that I need to be able to keep up with them! So I started googling gyms in and around Norwich few came up but I didn’t want to get back into the same old routine of the same programme and going through the motions with no results, but there was one that STOOD out Crossfit GAIN so straight away trying to find out as much as I could but there was so much conflicting information I thought just go down and speak to them.

I joined Crossfit GAIN 8 months ago and I can say in all honesty it has been one of the best things I have ever done.

They say it is all in the timing, and for me I would definitely say that was true, I was ready for a change in my life and what I saw on that day intrigued me, it looked like fun. I emailed them and got a response (Come down for a chat!!!) Tom was the first person I spoke to. He arranged a time for me to come in to have a consultation and the rest as they say, is history. I signed up for my free taster session – I put my trust in Tom as he promised me that if I stick with it I will see results, (Friends started saying you’re looking in better shape and losing a stone in 6 months) I told him that basically I wanted to become fitter and lose weight.

His guidance also extended to directing me with my eating plan. What I received during this time was a complete path to overall health and fitness of the body, mind and soul. He continually kicked my butt to the limits for my level of fitness and for what I asked him to achieve from me, and truthfully I love every bit of it. (It’s quite scary as Tom seems to know more about your capabilities than you do yourself) With every bit I am a step closer to achieving the mental and physical fitness that I am aiming for. For the past 8 months training, which was at 6.30 am, I woke up each time eager to get there. Tom’s enthusiasm and professionalism as a trainer and motivator is second to none. He just has a knack of finding something deep down inside you to keep you going. What I also found with the team at Crossfit GAIN was how everyone makes you feel welcome, it’s like one big family.

The coaches are all fantastic, their approachable, only to keen to help guide you, motivate you, their highly professional and very passionate about what they do. And that enthusiasm passes on right throughout the gym. Everyone, including the other members are always there to cheer you on, to get you through those last hard seconds! Just over 8 months on and I can’t imagine my life without it. My fitness level is the best it’s been in 36 years. My mental alertness is heightened to a new level and my overall general wellbeing has improved dramatically. My outlook on life has changed – completely for the better. I can’t speak highly enough about CrossFit GAIN, it doesn’t matter what sort of person you are, how old you are, or what you wish to achieve, they will welcome you and guide you to be the best you want to be.

Words can’t begin to describe the effect that CrossFit GAIN has had on me in the short time I’ve been involved. It has given me some purpose to succeed not only in the gym but other parts of life. You can apply the disciplines of training to everyday life, and with their expert knowledge and continued support, the results come thick and fast! To anyone who thinks they CAN’T – You most certainly CAN!”


Having never thought I would be fit enough (or good enough!) to do something like CrossFit it was something that I didn't think I would ever try.


Through hearing about it from friends and my partner, I agreed (reluctantly) to give it a go! Six months on and I haven't looked back, I'm totally converted and can't believe the improvements I've made! It's tackled my "weak areas" such as running, lifting, cardio...pretty much everything, which in a normal gym I would avoid, but now I can do! 

The atmosphere is great, everyone helps one another, the support and expertise you get from the trainers is excellent. Would recommend anyone to at least give it a go!

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